jeudi 21 juillet 2011

Philadelphia cheese

I found what i have been looking for, here in France: some philadelphia ( creamed cheese,i think) Well you can use it for cooking and for baking. Today, I did the recipes which were with the cheese.

Vegetables philadelphia muffins.

1 teaspoon oil for the cake tin
200 gr Philadelphia "garlic and herbs"
1 sachet mixed frozen vegetables
250 gr flour
2 eggs
1 sachet baking powder 11gr
a pinch of salt
1- preheat oven 180°C
2-mix flour,baking powder,eggs,salt and 150gr philadelphia
cook the vegetables, when cold mix with other ingredients.
3- put in the baking tin and the rest of philadelphia on top, bake for 20mn.
They say for 12 muffins, but i had 10.
Philadelphia cheesecake.

Serves 8.
Preheat oven 170°C
100gr (bastogne LU biscuits, french ones) i use Digestives Mc Vities
400 gr philadelphia(nature)
50gr butter
50 cl cream
4 eggs
50gr sugar
4 soup  spoons red fruit jam (but it's not enough)
Reduce the biscuits into powder add melted butter. Put the mixed butter and biscuits in the mold.Mix philadelphia,cream,eggs and sugar(i add a lemon juice).Then pour on top of the biscuits and finally add the jam on top.
Bake for 40mn and leave it in the fridge for four hours.Mine is in the oven now!
you need a special baking tin the bottom can separate to get the cheesecake out.
I have melted the jam, but i have to add some more as you can see.